We design, build, and operate business oriented infrastructure and cloud solutions with one simple focus:
Mission Success.


We provide a full range of consulting and support services focused on server and service virtualization on the internet.

Public Cloud

We run your public cloud for you and handle the infrastructure you need to succeed. We support Google GCP, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, LinNode, and CenturyLink (CTL.io). As public clouds get increasingly complex, they also have become harder to use. In a more complex world where people have less time, much of what we do is help manage cloud infrastructure. When customers need an all-encompassing and thorough system for developing and managing their console to deploy servers, we are their solution.

Private Cloud

If you are a large company looking to save money while also potentially being more secure, our private cloud architecture services are for you. We built easy to use solutions for our private cloud customers, and use tools such as XEN, KVM, Docker, and Kubernetes. Private clouds use a dynamic set of technology that public clouds use—in addition to virtualization. Private cloud is where our team partners with a company in order to build a custom version of GCP or AWS. Our customers select this option for privacy, security, compartmentalization, and cost reduction. Public clouds get very expensive at scale.

Hybrid Cloud

We provide consistency, continuity, and expert management of the hundreds of cloud and SaaS services that your organization relies on for daily operations. We catalogue, manage, and provide our customers with a longitudinal view of their services. Employees may come and go, our focus is on maintaining your company’s infrastructure despite the demands that your organizational workflow might impose onto the system. As long as you have us, all of that knowledge and data is maintained.

Hybrid cloud is when you have some private information on-prem, public cloud, and a bunch of SaaS solutions such as G-Suite, Salesforce, and Swiftly. For these solutions, our team will audit your organization in order to more comprehensively understand how your SaaS solutions operate throughout your environment.

Managed Infrastructure

We design, build, and manage infrastructure to support your operations. Our managed infrastructure services include wireless infrastructure, such as managing our customers’ infrastructure from hotspots to 5G deployment, small cell deployment, tower management, backhaul management/fiber, and more. We also provide application level infrastructure management such as monitoring, alerting, metrics and reporting, capacity planning, security and compliance, in addition to backups and disaster recovery.

What we do

What we do

All encompassing and long-term infrastructure management and risk reduction for organizations interested in stable, scalable solutions.

Our history

Our history

We are a collection of highly skilled, highly motivated engineers and business leaders who have a passionate drive for producing the best infrastructure in the world.

Hive Mind is a long-standing organization which has not only withstood the test of time, but also thrived through multiple eras of technological innovation. Through consistent execution of excellence and an unwavering focus on customer success, the Hive Mind team has developed tools, technologies, systems, procedures, scripts, and tools to innovate and achieve customer objectives. In doing so, Hive Mind has been able to leverage these best practices into other environments and projects, resulting in the creation of highly efficient and successful processes and systems scaled in hundreds of organizations to date. Hive Mind’s management services and style of customer engagement is reliable, trusted, and has been proven to succeed for over two decades running.